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Contrast Is Good

Contast is good when making bows!

I have to admit that I am an artist first and a bowyer second. Yes, making bows is an opportunity to unleash my inner mad scientist, but it is also a chance to express my artistic ability. Whenever anyone asks…

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Cocobolo Recurve Grip

Grip size of a recurve

In the previous post, Grip size of a longbow, I listed some basic sizes for locator style longbow grips. In this post, I'll provide the same information for recurves—the best ways to measure a grip and suggested measurements for small,…

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How A Recurve Bow Works

How a recurve bow works

What is a recurve? A recurve is simply a curved portion of the tip of the bow limb. Recurves can either be static (rigid) or working (bending). Many sizes and shapes of recurves have been tried throughout archery history, and…

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