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I finally got a chance to chrono that recurve I built for my son using your blueprints. WOW…10 GPP arrow, 40#@26″…it got an avg. of 168.3. That’s awesome for a 58″ bow with a 26″ draw. I attribute it to the design you came up with. Very smooth also. He loves the bow and shoots it great. In fact, two weekends ago he won a novelty shoot. It was a flying goose. It was an electric motor mounted to a 12 ft. pole run by a generator. They had conduit attached at the top that the goose and a counter balance weight were attached to. It went around about every 4.5 seconds. The kids line was at 15 yds. and the adult at 25 yards. Closest to the DOT won a 1/3 of the money plus a set of tapered Surewood fir shafts. Well, not only was he the closest from the kids line (he is 12)…he also was closest from the adult line. His arrow was 1-1/4″ from the nickle-size dot. He was either sticking it or skipping it off the goose about 80% of the time. He loves how fast it is. I will stop babbling now. Thanks again and talk at ya later.

Brock Wardle
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